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Western DuPage Special Recreation Association

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Full-Time and Regular Part-Time Employment Opportunities

Are you energized by the work you do and environment in which you do it?

Do you want a job that is challenging and rewarding, all at the same time?

Then WDSRA is for you! Be a part of an enthusiastic team of people making a difference!

The responsibilities of our full-time and regular part-time staff are the behind the scenes planning, preparing, training and supervising of recreational programs supported by WDSRA, as well as administrative business operations, public relations and marketing, Foundation fundraising and community relations.

WDSRA’s Mission “The Development of Individuals through Recreation” is the guiding principle of what our agency’s responsibilities are to every individual who wants to enhance their life through recreational activities such as sports programs and teams, visual and performing arts classes, social development clubs, travel opportunities and special events. Individuals may participate through our own programs or through area park districts, with inclusion assistance provided by our trained staff.

Employees embrace our agency’s core values through what they do and how they do it:

STAFF – We recruit, train, nurture and reward the best staff and volunteers our
resources will allow.

MEMBERS AND PARTICIPANTS – We recognize, respect and respond to the
recreational and developmental needs of our participants for our member park

INNOVATION – We explore and implement new procedures, programs,
technologies and opportunities.

LEADERSHIP – We are the leader in our field and will readily share our
knowledge, experience and skills with others.

EXCELLENCE – We provide the highest quality of service, programs and
events in the most efficient manner possible.

We are currently hiring for the following full-time positions: 

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  Click to submit an application and resume.  Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the WDSRA Team!

Contact Information

  • For more information, contact Gail Bettcher, Human Resources Manager at 630-681-0962 ext 584 or gailb@wdsra.com.

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