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Western DuPage Special Recreation Association

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WDSRA New Family Outreach

Welcome to the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association!

Bienvenido a la Asociación de Recreación Especial de Dupage Occidental!


Special recreation offers your child, teen or adult with special needs engaging community-based recreational programs to make it possible for them to grow personally, connect with their community and discover their potential. If this is your first experience with special recreation, WDSRA wants to introduce you to all that we offer for both you and your family member.


Watch this short video to learn more about WDSRA.

Learn about our Lekotek purposeful play program for ages birth to 8 years old.


Picture of dayellDayell Houzenga, WDSRA Outreach Manager, is available to speak with new families to provide information about the options available for recreation services with WDSRA and local park districts, explain all the forms and processes, and answer questions along the way.


Outreach can answer your questions and help guide you through special recreation.

For instance:

• Is special recreation right for my child/participant? Are there programs that fit the needs of my participant on water slidechild/participant? Will there be peers similar to my child/participant in this program? Outreach can answer any question you may have.

• How can I be sure the staff knows my child’s needs? Outreach performs an intake with all new participants to assure that a smoother transition for all involved.

• How do I register my child/participant for a program? Outreach can walk you through the registration progress, let you know what to expect at each step, and introduce you to the program staff.

• What forms do you need to fill out and how often? Outreach can clarify and Picture of Participantexplain all the forms to you.

• Do you have financial barriers to participating? Outreach can help with scholarship applications as well as resources outside of WDSRA that might provide financial assistance.

• Is transportation a concern? Outreach can suggest services to help meet your transportation needs.





Are you an organization looking for support for your clients?

Contact Dayell to see how WDSRA can be of service.

Contact Information

  • If you would like more information please contact Dayell Houzenga, WDSRA Outreach Manager, at 630-681-0962 ext 552 or dayellh@wdsra.com.
  • Se habla espanol


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